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A Personal Message During This Unprecedented Times

I hope you, your families, and everyone in your circles are tucked safely in your homes and doing your bit to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

As always, I am available for you anytime. If you would like to discuss real estate ideas, thoughts or even concerns over a Zoom call, FaceTime, phone or email, I am here for you.

As a REALTOR® who understands your concerns and worries in these trying times, we have gathered information you can browse through on how and where you can get aide from relevant offices to help in this COVID-19 crisis.

Real Estate related:

Ontario Real Estate Association

Real Estate Council of Ontario

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

Government sites:

CERB related

Ontario Works

Property tax related

Toronto Hydro






Virgin Mobile








Please feel free to reach out if there is anything else I can do for you.

From my own family to yours, wishing you peace and good health. Be well. This too shall pass.

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My Story

Soo it turns out, I’m a giver . If you know me, that a surprise at all. I genuinely love to give, to listen, share for my clients with every fibre of my being. And I never compromise my integrity or put myself first . I don’t give up. I showed up. I don’t quit even when it gets tough.

Because I’m a giver through and through.

From what I know for sure and learned (always be learning and growing) and I’ve already realized a couple of things I need to apologize to my dog/hubby and kids for.

Because I love to give my best for my clients , I’m going to be a little obsessive.

I’m going to care that much more.
I will make your experience extra fulfilled , rewarding , unpredictable , some surprises and also fun.

And I hope that helps you know that you’re in good hands.
I will be with you through the good and bad times during the biggest transaction of your life. Because that’s just who I am .

Is 2020 the year for you to move up, downsize,invest ,buy or just curious about the market? I am here for you. To consult, guide , share the facts and walk you through the process and beyond! Let’s chat!

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